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Well, February was sure a bust! I got out on the bike a grand total of once. We had something on the order of 9 snow storms covering 16 of the 29 days in February. I shoveled snow 11 times! No bike, not even any getting to the gym. I did manage to get to yoga and do my stretching occasionally but I'm facing a restart now.

I got out the other day, after recovering from a bout of the local version of the corona virus (a head and chest cold), just to see if my lungs and legs were still working. They were and things are beginning to look up around here. We're expecting mid to upper 50's today so I'll have to get out there soon, and the future is even brighter!

On a side note, I was one of eight people interviewed for a piece about Living Strong with MS in Health Central. Of course it had to do with my cycling. A series of very short perspectives from active MSers living life strong, an inspirational read in case you're interested
Credit Lambeth Hochwald (@lambethhochwald)
And thanks to Dave Bexfield for the referral.

Keeping on keeping on even when it means a restart,
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