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Hi all: Larry, that article was a really great read! Yours and all the others.... and I agree with Teena Marie....great photo, and all that shoveling has got to count as excellent workouts.. I think the West got all the snow that the East did not this winter..... I certainly saved money on plowing, but it has made finding consistently good snow challenging.... Now, I am far from complaining as I am skiing more often and better than I have ever in my life.... we end our adaptive lessons tomorrow at my local mountain, and then I plan one more trip up to New Hampshire mid March. IF we still have skiable snow at my mountain I hope to get there at the end of the month for a final Just Fun ski.

Teena Marie, happy to hear you are seeing results. I am too...and it is so self motivating for me to continue my rowing. I am getting seriously addicted to this.... and am finding 15-20 mins easily every other day to row on the bowflex. Works my core, arms and my gluts . I see it in rolling from side to side while on my back, in my posture, and in better engaging my weaker leg when walking. And when I walk I am finding that I don’t fatigue out quite as soon since I am using more of my total body and have more even strides.

I just got into NYC to see my PT...first time since last May! I certainly have kept in email contact with him, but things just didn’t work out for any earlier “reunion”. Living where I do now, it is a full day event between traveling the almost 6 hrs round trip drive, then getting parked and shlepping over to his office. I have always dreaded the “shlepp” and the walk inside Hunter University where his office is, as it is quite a long walk once I get in the front door.

Well, I felt the difference when I did the internal walk, and then when he assessed me he also saw the positive effects. His comment “ You are stronger” just made me so happy.... he saw that my heel strikes were more even, and very solid and my stride lengths were pretty much even which wasn’t the case before, and when I was standing up from a seated position on the exam table I found no need to put a hand down to help me do so. That was so startling, I asked if I could do that again! It was a “Eureka” moment for sure...

Our plan now is for me to, of course, continue what I have been doing, but to now add exercises for my hip abductors...side leg raises that I have had before, hated doing and just didn’t do them ( being honest here.....) to increase the fast walks to 5-6 sets, twice weekly, and to practice pivot turns with and without walking a few times weekly. All this will help with my lateral balance issues. And I am back on track to see him in 3 months...

No cycling at all for me this winter since I didn’t bring the trike into the house, and never got in a winter ride or two as I had hoped. but I’ve got all the cold weather gear, so updated plan is to get out on the trike earlier than I have ever.... with this weather, that shouldn’t be too hard...

Karen, What came to mind when I read your last post was the “Exercise is medicine for MS”.... Yahoo for you that yoga and swimming is keep you from needing the baclofin. Good stuff, this exercise, huh?

And Dave, this is crossing threads.... from your Dave’s SCT Journey about “Plan J.....”
You know I totally vote for that e-assist.... I remember you tried one kind of recently. Fun, wasn’t it?
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