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Hey TM, the changes with my MS were pretty obvious, after nearly a decade of not much progression, the last 2 1/2 years have been like a continuous mini relapse. Weakness and tingly numbness traveled up the right side into my shoulder, arm, hand and fingers. Slight spasticity in the hand followed, then it hit the left foot and I started getting really worried. Wasn't having any luck with Neuros at the time either, all they'd do is have me get another MRI which always said the same thing, no active lesions. Finally found one willing to help and that's where I am today. If the Rituxin slows the progression I'll be satisfied, if it stops it I'll be ecstatic, the likelihood of reversal, although documented, is too remote to even contemplate.

I have a boat load of vaccinations scheduled for next week, I'll update again after that. The actual infusions should start in early March.

Thanks TM,
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