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Default Too old to start!??? AMFADVENTURES.

I have been on Rituximab for four or five years. I am 67 which is why I noticed the comment about being too old or having MS too long to benefit.

Rituxan has been great for me. I have done all the DMDs, I did IVIg for 8 years, then Novantrone and now rituxan. (Maybe I forgot something)

I also take Ampyra and many other symptom management drugs.

The rituxan keeps me walking and farming! The general protocol is to have infusions every 6 months. Two infusions separated by a week.

I can tell when it is time for the next infusion because the rituxan wears off and I have trouble moving. It does not seems to fix anything but does a good job of covering up many symptoms.

Good luck to everyone who tries it.
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