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Default I am always glad to talk about Rituximab...

Send along any questions that come up.

I have responded well to the drugs I have tried. So, with management, I have no grievous symptoms.

I did IVIg for 8 years. That was 70g every other Monday. It was an 8 hour infusion day with the premeds and setup. I would lumber into the infusion and walk out strongly. It was that fast for me. The cost was enormous...the amount I was taking put the cost at around $80,000.00 a month. (I was lucky to have had a malignant melanoma which was successfully removed but made me ineligible for More standard drugs at that time.)

after 8 years it stopped being effective and I stopped to move on to Novantrone for two years.

None of the meds I do make functioning easy But they do make it possible and life is fuller because of them.
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