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Rituxin update,
The only reaction I had to all of the vaccinations I took was about 2 weeks of muscle and joint stiffness, there were not even any pseudo symptom exacerbation's that I could determine. In fact, within three weeks after the vaccinations I felt better than I've felt in the last couple of years.

I had the first rituxin infusion two days ago, 1,000 mg in solution, it lasted 5 and 1/2 hours. I did experience relatively minor flushing and itching around the head and neck about 2 hours into the infusion but it went away within the next hour and a half. I was a little ditzy the rest of the day, more so than normal as several of my friends can testify, probably the result of the Benadryl given prior to the infusion. The next day I was slightly short of breath and noticed a higher than normal resting heart rate but that all seems to have cleared up after another day. I've also had a little trouble sleeping since the infusion, possibly from the Solu-Medrol given with the rituxin. Other than that, this has been pretty easy.

Apparently this is the only infusion I will receive at this time. I will see my Neuro in a few months and I guess we will evaluate effectiveness and determine future dosages then. If anything develops I will be sure to let you all know.

Thanks for the input Linda, good to know you haven't experienced problems 5 years in. Hope you will stay current on this thread if anything does come up.

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