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Thought I'd pop in here for a quick update, being that I've been feeling pretty solid of mind lately, a state I fully realize is a matter of opinion. Be that as it may, I have been feeling pretty good since the rituxin infusion, actually since a week to 10 days before the infusion when I first began to feel the constant gnawing of the ms at my nervous system, which I'd been experiencing for the last few years, begin to lift. So, although it's likely the rituxin did not initiate this current remission, at least it hasn't impaired it.

There was a period of reduced red blood cell count right after the infusion but with the aid of iron complex supplements, I think I've overcome that. There haven't been any other adverse side effects from the infusion that I'm aware of and there certainly hasn't been any detectable ms progression. In fact, although I wouldn't say I've recovered any function, I would say that I am functioning with less effort, if that makes any sense to anyone. As a side bennefit, I've also been experiencing quite a bit less arthritic pain in various joints. I'm committed to at least a couple of years of this therapy by which time I hope to have a firm opinion of how well its working for me. In the absence of any change, I'll update again at my neuro app in a couple of months.

So far so good,
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