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Default Rituxan check up

Saw my neuro recently for my first post rituxan infusion appointment. We went over some recent blood tests he had me do. The B cells that the Rituxan is supposed to target were obliterated and I am still feeling better MS wise than I have in a couple of years. Other immune system measures were within normal limits, RBC count is still at the low end of normal limits but it doesn't seem to be causing me any problems. I also noticed a minor increase in fatigue, not the mind crushing MS fatigue, but more of a general malaise accompanied by a little extra sort of confusion or disorientation if you will, however, this has since abated. And my kidney function was normal. I also had an exceptionally good day, before and after a 65 mile bike ride, lots of energy, mind felt sharp, body parts working better than usual, something that hasn't happened in a while. And I seem to be more functional, longer on many mornings. All in all, we agreed the rituxan seems to be working well with no complications.

I have done another round of Hep-A, Hep-B, and Pneumonia vaccinations, again, no noticeable complications.

I get another infusion in a week. I don't expect any problems but will post if there are.

So far so good Linda, thanks,
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