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Smile Newly diagnosed

Hi all, I just diagnosed in August of 2019 and it all happened pretty fast, although knowing some of the symptoms now, I can look back and see little bits of MS emerging in my life. It all came to a head when I was on vacation and I had stiffness and numbness in my right arm and also kept tripping. I thought I just needed a massage and had overdone it working out. The day we got home, I got massage and it didnt get better, instead a little worse and I knew something was wrong. Doctor visit same day, MRI the next day, neuro a week later, another MRI a week later and two weeks later a confirmation by an neuro specializing in MS. During this time, my entire upper body went so numb I didnt know if I was hungry. I also started getting muscle tightening so bad my arm and wrist would almost double over, this was terrifying. Steroids finally helped this subside and a week after the steroid injections I could start running again. The muscle tightening episodes would almost make me cry and this has been the only thing that kind of broke me. I'm pretty optimistic to start so I knew as long as I could run, I could stay same, take that away and well let's not go there. In late October, I started Ovrevus and I pretty much don't have symptoms anymore except I seem to be very reactive to cold and it causes muscle tightness in my face and I gave in and got a script for a muscle relaxant. I guess I'm unique in that the heat makes me feel perfect, like my old self. We just made it to Hawaii before covid hit and I felt amazing and energetic! Now my next infusion is on hold pending covid subsiding. I really enjoy the posts on this site. I believe in mind over matter and being happy and I love learning more about MS and people who have it and I'm glad I found such a positive site full of workout peeps!! Thank you!
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