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Great writeup Veronica! Love the fact you got involved in the planning. Personally, I'm on board with your route planner, there always needs to be a hill, maybe with an optional work around for the fanatical non-climber. I know you love the climb but am curious how the descents are on the trike. Were/are you an aggressive descender?

Karen, our fall colors were progressing nicely too until we got a deep freeze a couple of days ago. I love riding my bike through them but I guess that won't happen this year now.

I just got back from the senior games with my trainee. He did sweep the podium again this year but in third place thanks to a couple of first time ringers who should have been at least one category higher. Oh well, we're already planning for next year.

I haven't been riding as much as usuall, things keep getting in the way but when I do get out now I try to throw in a few hills, they're great for HIIT's. I've also been getting at least one mountain climb a month in. Lately it's been Lookout Mountain. There are two ways up it and depending on how one approaches it, I can get anywhere from 1,300 ft. To 2,500 ft. of climb. I'm definantly getting slower but it might be making the climbs a little easier because I don't seem to struggle on some of the steeper sections the way I used to. I'm getting a little slower on the descents too but I still love them and I can still beat most of my buddies down the hill!

Still walking and doing yoga too. I need to adjust my schedule to get back to the weight room pretty soon before my upper body strength disappears entirely.

Dave, I've got a couple of cd's worth of Africa pictures that I'll be sure to have near by next time we meet. Quite a few good pics and a couple of exceptional ones!

That's all for now, carry on folks,

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