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hi - I'm with Dr. Apatoff - he's at Cornell Weill Med Center - but leaving there in a few weeks for some other location in midtown. Am waiting to hear about which hospital he lands at to see whether my insurance has them in-network. Awful that insurance is the driving factor for a choice of doctor; but that's our reality! I've heard of Dr. Miller - glad you like him. May be asking you questions about Mt Sinai depending on my dr.'s new hospital. I really like Apatoff though!

I used to run the West Side Highway - I'm an out-and-back runner (instead of a loop runner). I've runthe park in those NYRR races. I like the park - but can't get used to the loop - it keeps making me think about how far I have to go to the end of the loop! I do love the Central Park celebrity sightings though - Howard Stern, Kelly Rippa...makes it interesting. I just have to get myself back out there!
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