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Here is the latest. Getting closer!

17 days ago

Dear Backers,

Thank you for all your amazing supports and patience to wait while our awesome Zero Breeze is still under production.

Zero Breeze production is running smooth. There was a delay due to the Lunar New Year holiday, but we are working hard and do our best to catch up what we have missed.
Currently, we are still preparing for the final production of the product, the latest updates are:

1. The molding of portable battery is finished.

2. Additional molding to the main shell of the body is still under production, while the other parts of the mold production have been completed.

3. In order to improve the quality of the music play, we are optimizing the Bluetooth audio with speaker suppliers.

4. The rotary compressor has been mass produced.

5. We use the BOSCH A/C Refrigerant Handling System

6. In order to seek a better effect of cooling, we specifically customized a fan for the ZERO BREEZE *and have completed the mold manufacturing.

We hope and surely work hard to finish all the production as scheduled and maintain your level of satisfaction.

Thanks again for your support.
Team Zero Breeze
Dave Bexfield
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