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I am happily reporting that I am now rollin’ with the e-assist! Got it installed just last Monday and did a little 5 mile ride down the trail over there just to test it out. Holy cow what a difference. Just gives me the boost I need…. Still is a good workout, as Alain had noted awhile ago, which delights me.

Since then I have been out twice more, once for a relatively flat 12 miler on a rail trail, and then a rolling 7 miler that included one good steep hill (don’t know grade %) and one bitchy long slow slightly increasing stretch which is the grade of an incline that always does me in. ( Like a “false flat”) I upped my average mph by a good 3 on the flat ride, which delighted me. And while I was feeling abit dejected at my slower average on the more challenging ride, my friend here who rides routinely told me her speed on that stretch is just about the same. FINALLY!

I was so excited to get out on the second ride as it was road riding, not trail riding, and I could do the route by riding right out of my garage. THAT was a hoot! Felt like I was off leash… Just was such a freeing feeling to be on the road, alone, without my bicycling buddies fretting behind me, or my catching them in the mirror walking up hills behind me. And the side roads here are just so beautiful, as they are thru farm lands with the foot hills of the Berkshires all around and very little traffic.

Now I was so excited to do the second ride that I totally ignored ( really was in denial..) that it was quite a hot, sunny day and I decided to start around 1pm. Kind of set myself up, which I finally acknowledged mid way into the ride, and smartly turned back. I was done in for the rest of day, terribly wonky legs, and pretty much totally fatigued out, but not too fatigued to be doing at least in my head the Dance of Joy! The ride the day before was not only flat, but on a cool cloudy day and I needed very little recovery time after that one. (Combination of weather and assist.) Really loved that I felt strong enough a few hours later to walk up a small hill on my property to do some weeding and planting under an apple tree. I know that without the assist I would not have had the energy to do another physical activity of even this minor proportion.

SOOO, I finally have some cycling goals for this season… I plan to use the hilly route for hill climbing training…and using the same approach that my skibike instructor taught me of just taking something “easy” and do it over and over in a more challenging manner. Actually is the same approach of my PT’s functional exercising .... The 12 miler on the trail can be used for increasing my speed. And now I have the option of a few more road rides around here that are challenging enough, without much traffic ( except for tractors and farm equipment!!) where I can ride with or without friends.

And what will I train for? We have a yearly ride around here, a local event, the Roe Jan Ramble Bike Tour in mid September. In the past I have only done the 10 miler, and became the sweep just naturally, but the Ride offers routes of 20, 25, 35 and 50. The 20 miler is new this year, and just takes off one rather steep hill at the end. Don’t know yet the elevation gain, but whatever it is, it will be a challenge for me. And I am up to it….

While I had been so frustrated with how long this took, it gave me the opportunity to work on my gardens, and so now that I will be looking to get out riding whenever my schedule and the weather agree, I can do so guiltlessly, knowing that the gardens are pretty much on maintenance with watering and some weeding being able to be fit in on non riding days, or in the evenings.

Just have to say if anyone has been thinking about an electric assist..DO IT! It is truly saving my cycling, and giving me back more of the pleasure of riding. While it adds considerate weight to the trike ( I think around 12 lbs.) the motor is thread into the rear wheel, and my bike guy put the battery right under my seat so that the weight is more distributed. I am still able to independently load this onto my rear car rack without stressing out/damaging the poor shoulders. It is totally do-able for me.

Right or wrong, I have gotten used to the simple truth that being disabled and wanting to be physically active means shelling out big bucks when specialized equipment is involved. I am fortunate enough to be able to (barely) fit this into my budget…makes things tight financially, but I would rather have the financial restrictions that this results in, than the physical restrictions that would have been the result of NOT doing this. A trade off I am willing to make....

Carry on everyone! We’re all climbing hills in our own ways daily, aren’t we?
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