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Hi - My name is Bridget and I'm from NYC and am single. I was diagnosed 1.5 years ago (same time and city as Mina!) and went on Avonex right away. I've had 3 relapses since I've been diagnosed but except for those times I feel basically fine and have continued by workouts as before.

I go to the gym just about every day and really like the elliptical and spinning. I'm like a spinning addict! I also like hiking; but it's hard to get out to hiking spots from the city. I also like going out with my friends and drinking wine - is that an active pursuit?

I used to run alot (~4 miles several times a week); but gave that up when I fell last summer (it was the beginning of a flare). I want to get back to running; but have a big mental block there. Help encourage me to start running again!

So glad to have found this site for like-minded, positive people!
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