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Default Plant based diet

The important thing to note about this study is that although it is a RCT, its
major weakness is that it is a very small sample size and the effect size would need to be very large to show significance. It does not specify what type of MS the participants have according to the above abstract. Also from the abstract it is not clear about whether the participants were on DMD's and of what type

This study is based upon a diet regime that is now widely recognised for good cardio and physical health and longevity generally. There is nothing fad about it. It does not prohibit gluten.

For what one can draw from the study acknowledging its limitations. There are factors relevant for MS for instance the recent studies linking obesity to MS progression, and there was a positive effect of weight loss. There were also positive effects on important metabolic markers which are relevant to cardiovascular health, relevant if MSers are unable to exercise to maintain cardiac health. An improvement was noted in MS fatigue, a problem which bedevils many MSers.
The finding that there was no difference in
MRI may be confounded by DMD's need to see the full study report to form a view. Query whether the time frame was long enough to evidence brain changes. Diet is not steroids - a change in diet takes time to act at a cellular level.

A healthy eating lifestyle is optimum for everyone, not just people with MS
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