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Here's some more feedback on the SideStix I got recently from a member. Helpful feedback, especially for those on the fence. -D

I love my Stix!!! I have used them for 2 days. Have not tried a long walk yet but just standing straight and walking upright is such a revelation. You were absolutely right about the difference they make. I can breathe more fully since I am being held upright. And I feel so great about how they look! I was reluctant to get forearm crutches for the "cripple" stigma. But now I want to say" Look at me, everybody!" Yay! Proudly wore them to the gym today.

And the stability is light years difference. Wow! All the old people I live with should have Stix. They will want mine. A stranger yelled across the Whole Foods parking lot--"you look great, I want those. what are they" nobody ever yelled that about my poles.

thank you, thank you, thank you.
Dave Bexfield
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