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Hi everybody,

I just signed up today, although I've been diagnosed for a couple/few years now. I was hiking around Mt. Rainier and with about 2-3 miles to the car, I mentioned to my hiking partner that my toes on my left foot were numb. We laughed. Her feet were sore & numb too. We had just hiked a few miles down a steep slope. I figured my boot laces were tied wrong. Didn't go away. I've heard of this happening with other hikers, so I didn't worry about it. Bought new boots, actually, so something good came out of it!

Numb toes eventually turned into tingly feet, then tingly calves. When I walked, that traveled all the way up my legs (now both legs). Bottoms of feet felt like I was walking on stones all the time. After a couple of months, when I walked my legs became very weak. I couldn't go from my car to my desk at work without stopping for breaks. Stairs were out of the question. My doctor sent me to a neurologist who did every test under the sun and eventually found the spinal lesion (along with many brain lesions) and diagnosed me. I went to MS clinic in Seattle for 2nd opinion, which was confirmed. Eventually this all got better. This diagnosis also explained the weird vertigo/dizziness I had for 6 weeks earlier that summer that came and went without explanation. So, 2 relapses in 3 months. Yikes!

Knock on wood, no more relapses (I was put on copaxone), although I've had a lot of cognitive issues. I am a paralegal and this is hugely impacting my job. Seems like a steady decline.

But, I soldier on. I also have severe facet joint arthritis in my low back so my activity lately has decreased & I'm looking for my motivation to push through! Hiking is actually better for my back than walking around the neighborhood. I used to run, but that's out of the question now. Thinking about taking up biking in the spring.

Anyway, that's my story!
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