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Well, I did a big hike last saturday, only one pole because I couldnt find the other one (probably in the pile of fishing stuff in the garage) and I wish I had both.

2.2 miles down about 900 feet at a place called the Confluence of the American (river) in Auburn CA. then a short break and as we all know, what goed down must come up...

I was very tired at the bottom (2.2 mile mark) but I knew I *could* make it back up. It was a long slog and about halfway up I was struggling with my left leg so I started that god-ol hip swing. We went slowly up and I did eventually make it but my hip joint is still sore.

It feels good to do this in the middle of a relapse (Starting solumedron today for rapid loss of sensation in extermeties, onset of the hug and reduced mobility, even if I push through)

Use the poles, both is best...
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