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Old 03-22-2020, 04:15 PM
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Hi all, it is good to see your posts, and hear about all about your accomplishments before pandemic, and now how you all are adjusting, staying active and safe during this crazy surreal time. TM I spent one winter in college living in a farm house heated by wood I chopped and working at Loon so I could ski for free with a seasons pass. I've never felt more alive than when I skied on that mountain, and that you've been successful at adaptive skiing gives me hope I will get to experience that again one day... My skis and equipment got ditched long ago, not much use in Houston. But I so love NH area....Larry, nice article and I agree great picture too! My hubby was training for the MS 150 Houston to Austin, but now training and event indefinitely on hold. We discussed renting a recumbent or racing trike for me to do training with him, but there will be time for that later. Good idea to avoid busy trails Dave. There are a lot of great trails where I live, but got scared the other day when I told an approaching group that I was at risk but they didnt slow down to give me time to get out of the way before they passed. OUt of lack of understanding, I'm sure, but no less dangerous. My time has been occupied with cleaning, cleaning, and more, as cooking and being activity director for my kids. It resulted in more moments of complete MS type body and mind shutdown. So I started following a schedule with rest breaks, setting time to catch up with family and friends by phone and listening to music. That has been restorative. Reading about Larry and the other MSers highlighted in the article, also tells me I should be scheduling in some yoga or stationary biking each day too. My physiotherapist says I am weak because of core and extension exercises will help me get strong again. He seems to think it will be curative of my significant weakness. I can schedule PT when things normalize. Stay safe. Stay strong. Suebee.
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Old 03-28-2020, 02:11 PM
MS Yoda
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Default The Plan is Coming Together

This years plan is coming together if a bit serendipitously. One of my most consistent bike buddies lately is a 78 year old guy from the oil patch, nearly 10 years older and a stronger rider than me. He signed up for Ride the Rockies and asked me to help him train as well as be support during the ride. RTR is 418 miles and 28,484 ft. of ascent this year.

The hot blond yoga chick got a wild hair and signed up for the Triple Bypass or at least a double bypass within the triple. They've added a lot of options to the Triple. She is crazy strong and fast this year and also wants to do some training together. The Double Bypass is 75 miles and 7,200 ft. of ascent.

Fortunately the two dove-tail, allowing for the three of us to do at least one or two rides together each week. Although both Ride the Rockies and the Triple Bypass will likely be canceled due to Corvid-19, we will proceed with the training to the best of our abilities. After all, it really is all about the training, and since there's a good chance the Copper Triangle won't get cancelled and the three of us will be highly trained, well there we go!

And my old high school buddy, who like me will turn 70 years old this year, has his sights set on winning his class and age group in the Senior Games. We consult regularly on his training methods and schedule. It's going to be a busy year with a lot of active involvement on the training front and I think I've got a good handle on how to manage it all, now we just need a little cooperation from the weather.

For the year to date I have 300 miles in 25 hours with 9,900 ft of ascent and it's only just begun. We are using and will continue to use best practices with respect to Corvid-19.

More as we get on with our program, stay active out there!

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Old 03-30-2020, 01:32 PM
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Larry, liking your plan! As for me and my quarantine, I've added another exercise routine... exercising patience.
Dave Bexfield
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