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Old 05-02-2017, 02:43 PM
Suebee Suebee is offline
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Shout out to my hubby for completing the MS 150 Houston-Austin this weekend! He trained by doing increasingly longer local races and spin classes at the Y. This was his 3rd year, but last year got rained out. He said it was the addition of the spin classes this year that allowed him to do all the hills with ease. So proud!

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Old 05-04-2017, 08:31 AM
MS Yoda
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Good luck Marina, I'll be thinking of you this weekend. Hope the weather is good and the wind is at your back.

And congratulations and thank you to your husband Suebee. Well done!

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Old 05-04-2017, 07:33 PM
penkalet penkalet is offline
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Finally, got 3 rides this week with my new trike. First time since I bought it in November that we have sunny California weather! I am soooo rusty and I cannot wait to have 6 weeks of training in my legs so it start to feel good to push my self.
Right now I do the lady's loop 8 miles with 1200' climbing down from my home.
I love the comfort and safety of the trike but miss the bike to go down those smalls curvy roads.
Good weekend to every one.
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Old 05-05-2017, 04:09 PM
walkerhe09 walkerhe09 is offline
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Default Better late than never

I am a runner and have been even before my diagnosis. The half marathon is my 'favorite' distance. The last race I participated in before my diagnosis in 2009 - I ran 1:59:38. The impact of MS has mostly been with the strength in my right foot. It drags when I run. I have had a goal since 2009 of getting under 2 hours again. The closest I came was 2014 when I ran a 2:00:49. Almost immediately after MS made itself known and I have not been close since. 2015 and 2016 were filled with MS related things but in late 2016 I switched to Tysabri. Now I am feeling stable again and plan to give it another go - the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Philadelphia in mid September is my target race with the Philadelphia Half Marathon in November as a back-up. Training has begun. I will keep you up to date on my progress.
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Old 05-08-2017, 09:17 AM
RonRuns RonRuns is offline
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@walkerhe09 I'm sure you will beat the 2 hour mark. You sound dedicated.

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Old 05-10-2017, 11:59 PM
Stewart Stewart is offline
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Default getting motivated

Tell ya what folks - reading all the amazing stuff being done by people here motivates me. I've changed up my routine a little - I believe changing routine makes your body adapt harder and train better. I was reading about the south American lady who protests and looks so fit its incredible - so I added a thing she does to my routine. She walks up mountains every morning carrying weights - I walk up my stairs and back carrying weights - more than once *grin*. It stresses my body like very little else. I have no idea what it will do - I'll stick with it for 3 months and let folks know.

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Old 05-14-2017, 12:08 PM
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ActiveMSers ActiveMSers is online now
Dave @ ActiveMSers
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Great to see all the motivating posts here. I was planning on taking a little R&R but that never seems to happen even when I'm supposedly R&Ring, ha.
Dave Bexfield
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Old 05-22-2017, 10:06 AM
Marinadca Marinadca is offline
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Long time no post my friends - I have not been feeling it at some things are happening on the personal/MS front that have me stressed. I won't detail then here as this is my positive place!

Sue - that's great, congratulations and also thank you to your Hubby.

penkalet - That's great that you are getting out there! I wish I knew a way to make climbing on the trike easier or more pleasant. I have had some luck improving the "engine" and also with changing out the rear cassette with the biggest gears I would buy for hilly rides. I still go slow as molasses up hills but at least it feels less "hard" on my legs.

walkerhe09 - Wow 2 hours is a great goal, I wish you luck that you will achieve it!

Stewart - That's actually a great idea! I have been trying to do more up/down stairs as that seems so tough for me. Perhaps adding weights is the way to go.

As for me... The 6 Pillars Century ended up being a 67 mile ride for me. It was "cold" 55ish and VERY windy (about 30 mph at my head) so it was already pretty unpleasant. But then it started raining. At that point I was kind of concerned about hypothermia as we were already so cold, adding rain to that seemed bad. So I took the bail out that cut the century into more of a metric century. When we got back the finish area had flooded so we just went back to our car and never crossed the finish line!

Next up for me in mid June is the MS 150 - hopefully the weather is better for that. It was nice this weekend, though we were short of time on Saturday (first party in our new house, went great!) so we did 20 miles on Saturday and 30 on Sunday. After the bad time I had getting steroids on Tuesday I was very happy with that!
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Old 05-24-2017, 04:37 PM
Suebee Suebee is offline
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I've been sidelined for awhile because of weak core/ hip abductors, flexors. I had min improvement from PT, so all your routines encouraged me to try again. I found the following for weak/ unbalanced hips for rumners on line. it is almost the same as PT recommended exercisrs with addition of massage. I'm gonna give a try and report back- need to be accountable, right? ����r
recommended exercises:

2x a week min.

clamshell 3-4 reps, 8-12 reps (add bands for extra)

& side step - 8-10 steps one direction with band keeping hips level and back
min. 3-4 reps

for balance of legs to hip:

single leg deadlift 5-12 reps, 3-5 sets
trx lunge 5-12 reps, 3-5 sets

stretching/ mobility
plank psoas (most powerful hip flexor in body) massage

quad / hip abductor foam roll

it band (hip) foam roll

kneeling hip flexor stretch

link with pictures of excercises :

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Old 05-25-2017, 08:38 PM
Veronica Veronica is offline
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Been reading faithfully everyone's training routines, and planned events....nice stuff.....

I especially enjoy the creativity we all seem to have developed to target those areas that are our weakest.... I've been, like Suebee, dealing with a very weak core for such a long time, and have been finding progress very very slow when doing the designated exercises that my PT and I agreed on. But one thing that I realized the other day, is that I may be, in a way, undoing my work, or at least, not putting these exercises into functional use as I need to. I always use my left hand on the rail when climbing stairs as this is the easier way for me. When I recently needed to use a right rail as there was no left rail, it was considerably harder as it always is, and FINALLY, the lightbulb went off in my head that since I feel the core muscles being used this way, that I just need to use the right rail MUCH more than I do. It definitely makes climbing harder, but I am engaging the very area that I feel is the weakest. So, I am starting to do this when I can...especially been doing this at home on my deck stairs, or even just the two steps into my house from the garage. Some days I have just used these two steps over and over to get the core engaged. This, in addition to the dynamic balancing exercises may be my ticket to gain SOME strength here... Fingers crossed.

Apart from that, I've been on the trike outside only a few times due to my free time and Mother Nature not being on the same page. I've decided to take all pressure off myself this season and just to enjoy the ride, challenge myself each time, but not to the point of getting myself dejected when I don't get in the ride I thought I needed to do. I'm liking this new approach... and it fits the trails that I ride now...just very rural, beautiful trails through farm country. Gotta keep challenging myself, but gotta have fun!

Oh! And I am happy to report that I am now devoted to my yoga class. Made four Monday 8am classes so far, and wow, all I can say, is WHAT took me so long???

Suebee, I also thank your husband for doing the BikeMS 150. Always very thankful for those riders who are not actual MSers....

And Marina, just giving you a shout out...steroids??? Hmmm, well, a hell of a lot of us have been that route, remember that you can come out the other side of this as strong... and remember that you have us to vent with.....We'll keep it a happy place, but we are your "buds" in this, aren't we??

Larry, have you run out of mountains to climb yet??
Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.
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