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Old 07-03-2018, 02:00 PM
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Default Gotta new drug: Baclofen

In recent months my spasticity has been going bonkers, especially with my right leg. Now I just found out it might not be all spasticity (more on that later), but something had to be done beyond my daily stretching, so enter baclofen.

Other than a DMT (currently on Ocrevus) I take very few meds or supplements. Vitamin D (daily), Ambien (as needed) and Viagra (as needed). Fiber chews and stool softeners enter the picture on occasion.

But with my right leg not cooperating, not straightening, and getting stiffer, my neuro said it was time to try baclofen, the muscle relaxer. I started at 10mg 3x a day, which helped some. Tried 20mg, but that made me loopy. So now I'm somewhere around 10-12 during the day, and a slightly higher dose at night. It helps, but only so much.

Do folks have baclofen experiences, advice? I know it's a common MS med....
Dave Bexfield
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