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Old 04-09-2016, 10:14 PM
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Default Cooling advice for ultra-trail


I've registered for a trail ultra marathon next fall. If I finish it's going to take me between 16 and 20 hours to finish. I'm wondering about cooling strategy as I have no experience yet with cooling vests, hats, neck wraps, etc. The start shouldn't be too much of a problem with heat as we start at night and the weather is cool. But in the afternoon, it might get warm and going uphill is usually a challenge. My body gets hot and my vision blurry as it works hard to go up and what goes up eventually goes down and going down with blurry vision is less fun once I got hot going up.

So, any cooling strategy might help. The trick is that I only need cooling halfway. There is one checkpoint where you can leave stuff halfway. I thought of leaving a cooling device there. However, it'll stay about 12 hours there before I pick it up.

1) Can cooling devices stay effective for that long if not used? In a small soft cooler?

2) There are plenty of cool streams. Can I take advantage of this.

3) Will these devices stay cool for 4 hours? More?

There might not be such a thing. It needs to be not too heavy and not too bulky as I'll be wearing a pack-vest for hydration and food.

Maybe just a hat or neck wrap I dip in a stream every hour or two? I've looked at the vests, etc, listed on the site but was wondering if anything can work for me.


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