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Old 07-19-2008, 10:45 AM
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Default Salsa, a spicy dance ... and good exercise

So last night I went out salsa dancing with my wife. I've never been a good dancer. To put it into perspective, the Bunny Hop is far too technical for me, even pre MS. So maybe I wasn't actually salsaing, I was more moving my feet to a beat, but I worked up a good sweat. It was great exercise!

With a bum knee and sketchy balance when I get hot, I also busted out my Leki cane for extra assistance when I wasn't using Laura for support. I extended it out to its full length and used it as a staff. Heck, it was like an extra dance partner, one that was very, very skinny and without feet to step on. Too much fun!
Dave Bexfield
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Old 07-19-2008, 11:43 AM
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hi there,

sounds very cool!!! are you thinking of taking a class? heard from others too thats its a cool way of getting some exercise.

any pics available?

I too am doing some excercise other than the gym. we got a WII fit and i'm happy to report that last week I got as far as doing some training every other day.

kind of like doing the steps, boxing and some of the balance games are very cool too

would like to so the salsa thingie too dont think I can get my boyfriend on that

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Old 07-31-2008, 04:43 PM
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Default Salsa

Sounds like fun .. love to dance, but don't do well without my cane .. I was once told that I was the best "cane" dancer that people have seen ... haven't gone out dancing in a while ..

Not only is it fun, but great excersize as well .. I do dance some at home .. would love to have a regular dance thing , but not too many active MSer's here in Santa Fe ...

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dance, walk

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