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Old 04-07-2015, 04:16 AM
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The Better Half (BH) & I went out on the bikes yesterday, to tackle a short and very familiar trail in the Easter sunshine.

I didn't fall off! Well....not completely anyway...

I took Larry's advice & wore minimal clothing, and tried to keep hydrated & cool.

My vision in the ON eye (which is also my dominant eye) reduced to about 20% as soon as my heart rate increased, but it returned to about 80% after only a few minutes of rest in the shade & looooong drag on some cold water.

Uhthoff's definitely correlates with pedalling effort!

This means:

1. Uphills are half-blind - this is fine if I stick to trails that aren't too technical.

2. Downhills are Weeeeeeeeeee!!

3. Increased concentration means I have to stop to have a drink, instead of rehydrating in the saddle.

4. Flat technical sections are the tricksiest - especially in woodland under dappled light. Pedalling effort is required, which reduces vision & this is where I had trouble.

I couldn't tell if the ground was banking to the left or right, or if a patch of contrast was a hole or a hump, so shifting my weight over to one side to correct pushed me over when I chose the wrong side.

The words of the Ophthalmologist came back to me "Predators move their heads from side to side to judge the distance to their prey". I tried that & toppled over into a bush. Maybe my movements were too exaggerated?!

Nevermind, it was all at slow speed.

It was a very useful exercise in finding out what I am going to be able to cope with with changing vision & establishing my (current) limits.

Onwards & upwards! (With maybe a few rests in between....)

Thanks Chaps!
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