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Old 03-22-2019, 01:23 PM
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Default EV4 Mountain Cart, an all-terrain electric

Designed in Poland, a way for those with walking disabilities to get off road without romping around in an ATV or tank. I dig it. But currently it's only available in Europe. -D


EV4 Mountain Cart, new vehicle for everybody!

Being on roll with our vehicles we planned to make another one, more accessible for those with disabilities who like to travel in nature in difficult terrain. Our vehicles can be applied for every age or occupation so it was natural for us to make another step. We have heard the needs of our clients and that's how Mountain Cart was developed.

Mountain Cart is a first vehicle from EV4 stable that doesn't have tilting system. It was designed from scratch, we had in mind that the vehicle needs to be simplified for the handicapped users. Design allows for everyone to explore new locations that wasn't accessible earlier. It was tested in extreme weather conditions and on hard snowy mountain passes. For disabled users it is important in every day life to increase the capabilities of moving thru hard all road terrain and in that Mountain Cart can help a lot. It was manufactured so the center of gravity is low, because of that entering the vehicle is possible directly from the wheel chair and the seat can be adjusted for comfortable position. It is equipped with front rack.

Mountain Cart rides on four 20 inch wheels with KENDA tires (20x2.125), it is equipped with regulated seat and DNM bicycle shock absorbers, altogether they make riding Mountain Cart really comfortable even in off road situations. Front rack manages to hold up to 20 kg so the transportation option is huge. Motors are located in the hub’s of back wheels and generate up to 3kW. Batteries are located on the shelf hidden under front rack, thanks to that there is free access to them. Changing batteries is fast and simple and is made in 3 simple steps.


Dave Bexfield
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