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Old 07-26-2019, 06:46 PM
MS Yoda
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The heat is still on around here too guys, of course Dave and I don't generally get the humidity you can Veronica and I agree, it makes a huge difference. Did you know, just being out in this kind of heat makes your heart beat faster? It's your heart's way of cooling your brain and nervous system by pumping more coolant (blood) to your brain after it's been run around the radiator of your sweaty body. When you can't cool your brain down, you are in trouble as can happen in extreme heat and humidity.

I am getting out on a regular basis here, just have to get out early and sometimes keep it short to the extent I wore myself out this week. A buddy and I climbed Lookout Mtn. last week, took the long route and got around 2,000 ft in something like 20 miles. I averaged a heart rate of 162 bpm for just over 50 minutes and although I was really slow, I still managed to cut 2 minutes off of my previous time. I was happy with that and we were home by 10, before things heated up too much. It did wear me out though, the next two rides I did were slow and slower, so now I'm taking a couple of days off.

In other news, one of my buddies asked me to help him train for the senior games. This particular buddy is very tuned into training methods and I am pretty well versed in sports physiology, thanks in part to a number of the articles Dave posts here, so it's really a good match. He already swept the senior games in cycling once, was forced to move up a category and now will have to cut about 10% off his times in order to podium again. So far we are in 100% agreement on his training, a rarity for us. We're never in 100% agreement on anything. The goal is to at least podium on three events, hill climb, road race and time trial. This should be a ton of fun and I won't have to do the work, I just need to make sure he's doing it!

Karen, speaking of accommodating persons with disabilities, I posted my MS 150 rides on Strava and damned if the AI in the program didn't have the audacity to complain about how slow I am getting!!! Granted, the program may not know about my MS but it does know how old I am. It occurs to me that artificial intelligence needs to be brought up to date on dealing with older people and persons with disabilities and we might as well get started on that too!!!

What's happening out there friends?

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