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Old 11-28-2018, 05:44 PM
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Default Segway experiences?

I have met several MSers who use Segways for transport, work, and general mobility. Here is one video by Wendy, who shares her experience with her off-road version. She lives in Mexico and it helps her to navigate the country. The video (26 minutes) also covers her life experience with MS and her swimming. Well done.
Dave Bexfield
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Old 12-03-2018, 12:04 PM
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I really enjoyed Wendy's video for a few reasons. Found it very motivational, and I was muttering the line from "Finding Nemo"... " Just Keep Swimming..." as I watched! You are definitely an MS warrior, Wendy....

And the segway.... I bought a used one about 7 years ago, and also found it very liberating. It is one of the original models... I got several seasons out of it, and used it to "Go the Distance" at different outdoor music venues that would have been impossible for me without it. Also had alot of fun taking it thru a museum or two in NYC , to my local farmers' market, and on some well packed nature trails. I loved it. Unfortunately, the batteries a used replacement one that also eventually died. And I let it be at that point. Just an added expense, if I could even find those older batteries, that I decided I didn't want to incur. And while I could get the batteries "rebuilt", that too is quite an expense.

But it was a hoot for the years I had it, and absolutely gave me a very satifying way to not be limited in where I wanted to go. It really is a good product for some of us MSers, and I am sorry that it never caught on more for this purpose.
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