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Old 11-21-2012, 11:00 AM
pawpaw pawpaw is offline
MS Sage
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Default Happy Thanksgiving

The weather here is amazing. We rode 26 miles yesterday and plan a 33 mile ride today. If I can plan well enough with the cooking, we may try to fit a ride in tomorrow.
I am still having side effects from the Gilenya. The researchers say that it can't produce long-term side effects, but 6 months after my last dose, I still am short of breath. I plan to continue to push myself and see if I can get some improvement.
Hoping to not gain weight tomorrow. Don't need extra pounds to haul up the hills.
Have a happy and healthy holiday!
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Old 11-25-2012, 08:02 PM
MS Yoda
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Default Tour de Tucson 2012

Hey Pell, glad to hear you're getting out there and I hope the Gilenya hangover subsides soon. We've been having awfully good weather here too so should be getting out a bit myself as soon as I get over the crud I managed to catch after the TDT.

I finished this years 111 mile Tour de Tucson in 7:45 elapsed time, my best finish yet by about 45 minutes, and it was a blast.

DD didn't register this year but she rode the first 10 miles or so with me anyway, before turning off to meet up with the rest of the family to cheer the riders on.

My brother was a no show on advice from his doctor over his recent knee surgery. I don't suppose I'll let him hear the end of that for a while, maybe I'll even get him a skirt or something so he can at least do the 40 mile ride with the girls next time.

I managed to find my sister at the 85 mile start and rode with her for the next 40 miles or so. I think she was a little shocked at how awkwardly I made my way across the Sabino Canyon wash because she kept trying to make excuses for me to the people around us, apparently it bothered her a lot more than it bothered me. About 20 miles further on we ran into a thick crowd, probably the 42 mile riders and I lost track of her, but she finished less than 10 minutes behind me. If she ever got serious about cycling, she could be dangerous.

My son in law killed this ride. He finished within 15 minutes of the winner, a solid platinum finish. But even that incredible finish didn't earn him a place in his age group. There is some serious competition on the TDT when you're riding at the front of the pack.

The weather was perfect and I did a lot of things right this year but I think I've already found a way to cut another 30 minutes off my time next year. If I can get a little faster, I might even have a shot at sub 7:00.

Happy Holidays every one,
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