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Old 07-05-2018, 03:47 PM
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Default Barriers and solutions to participation in exercise for moderately disabled MSers

What are your biggest hurdles when it comes to exercise and your MS, especially if you are moderately disabled? This newly published study digs into the question and comes up with a few potential fixes. - D

Disability and Rehabilitation

Barriers and solutions to participation in exercise for moderately disabled people with multiple sclerosis not currently exercising: a consensus development study using nominal group technique

Fiona Moffat & Lorna Paul
Published online: 29 Jun 2018
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Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, progressive neurological condition. The aim of this study was to explore consensus on the barriers and solutions to exercise for people with MS living in Scotland.

Method: Thirty-five people with MS, not regularly exercising, were recruited and took part in five Nominal Group Technique groups throughout Scotland. Background information was collected on participants prior to each group. Participants individually and silently listed their barriers and solutions to participating in exercise. Group discussion then clarified, amended and merged ideas. Participants then ranked ideas by choosing five barriers and solutions to exercise participation. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and by carrying out a thematic grouping.

Results: Consensus was that fatigue was a barrier to exercise participation. Other identified barriers were a lack of support and advice, the impairments arising from the condition and time. No single item achieved consensus for solutions but exercising with others, receiving support, having a positive attitude, finding time and minimizing environmental barriers were all suggested as solutions to assist in exercise participation.

Conclusions: People with MS should be provided with information on how to manage their fatigue alongside any exercise prescription. Information and support should be given on how to personalize exercise to suit individual needs and abilities to overcome some of the barriers suggested within this study.

Implications for rehabilitation
  • More exercise opportunities are required.
  • Exercise should be personalized to address the individual needs of the person with MS.
  • Any identified barriers to exercise should be addressed.

Dave Bexfield
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Old 07-05-2018, 06:23 PM
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Thanks for posting this Dave! I wish research like this described or dug deeper into the term “fatigue”. It can mean so many things. My PT gave me a “fatigue chart” that i was supposed to use as a guage. My main problem generally seems to be poor endurance of muscles which recovers with short breaks. The protocol i was given didnt adapt well to this- once i got muscle fatigue i was supposed to stop, which inevitably happened quickly, causing me frustration and no aerobic or strenghth gain. HITT was only thing that has benefited me. Second, I like to point out,as i havebefore, that insurers like goals and short treatment plans which achieve measurable results, but are not focused on maintaing strenth as a goal. People with neuro-degenerative diseases should be automatically presumed to need continung PT support. Ok that’s all my grandstanding for today.

I couldn't access full article but I found this slide presentation detailing moffat’s findings I thougjt i wld share. share...Page 19 is chart listing obstacles and solutions.
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