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Old 04-13-2018, 01:18 PM
garyp garyp is offline
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Default My training goal for the year....

Am a little late to announcing training for the year!

For each calendar year, I like to set myself a goal of a major event/exercise thing. Then I tell my friends others - which keeps me on task to achieving that goal as don't want to report that didn't achieve it when asked

Rather than something of that nature - this year am focusing on being more like the Nile River. Easy does it, slow, but go on forever. So, have set myself the goal of "moving" a thousand miles this year. This will be achieved through some combination of running, swimming, stationary bike or similar. I will also give myself mileage credit for things like gardening (that is a workout), stretching and playing indoor soccer. The need to reach this goal will also keep me persistent in moving during the warm summer (I am heat sensitive).

Did not start tracking mileage until end of January, so started a little in the hole. But, am now about 50 miles ahead of where need to be - want a cushion before the heat arrives

Am also taking part with a bunch of other MSers in the Detroit Marathon in late October this year. As will not be cold enough for me, am only doing this as part of 5 person relay - though others in our group are doing the full thing.
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Old 04-16-2018, 03:53 PM
Marinadca Marinadca is offline
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Hi all, hope you all are doing well and Dave - I hope you are recovering well.

As for me - I have been working on my PT exercises (Lots of squats, bridges, clam shells, etc) and either I am making progress, or its wishful thinking but, while it is going painfully slowly its going.

I got outside for the first time this year for my longest ride since this injury. 5 miles in 35 minutes with a good break in the end. BUT no pain afterwards. So there is something.

Aside from that I have found that I can elliptical and its nice to work up a sweat on it.

Trainingwise the 6 Pillers century is May 5th. I think I will cancel as even the shortest route, 25 miles, it not going to happen in 2 weeks.

BikeMS is June 16/17 and I very much hope I can do at least some course. I dont know what I would do if not.
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Old 04-19-2018, 11:21 AM
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ActiveMSers ActiveMSers is online now
Dave @ ActiveMSers
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Recovering. Had a 16+ mile ride the other day (a bit of an adventure, stay tuned for the recap in my new blog). Chest not 100% but getting there.

Keep up the training Gary and Marina! (And everybody else.)
Dave Bexfield
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Old 04-21-2018, 01:53 PM
MS Yoda
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Default Adapt and move forward

It's Saturday - and it's snowing - again. On the good news front, I managed two climbing days last week, I got 41 miles and 3400 ft. in on Sunday and 9.5 miles with 1300 ft. in on Tuesday. In light of the snow, it looks like I'll have to set my schedule back at least day or so this week. Well, if MS has taught me anything, it's to be adaptable.

The other problem with all of the snow we've been having, is the delay it's causing in riding at altitude. I really need to start riding at altitude if I want to have any chance of getting over three mountain passes in a day on the Triple Bypass. Like Gary has a problem with heat, I have a problem with altitude, but I know I can adapt, it just takes time. I also need to get to altitude to get in the ascents I want. The 18 inches of snow expected in the mountains isn't going to help.

I also injured myself in the weight room last week, strained a tendon in my elbow. Fortunately it isn't affecting my cycling. Going forward, I'll add reps and lighten the weight in hopes I can work through it, something I should have already done when the cycling intensity picked up. If not, I'll have to forgo the weights for a while.

Ah well, it's all part of the process. Control that which we can, adapt to that we can't, keep moving forward. Carry on everyone.

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