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Old 09-11-2017, 12:06 PM
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Default New Stanford-developed catheter CompactCath discreet, easy to use

I received info about this new catheter that might help some of our members. I don't cath, so I can't test, but if someone gives it a try I'd love to hear feedback. - D


I thought your audience might both benefit and be interested in a company that is taking an innovative, modern, and discreet approach to self-catheterization called CompactCath. Though rarely talked about, self-catheterization affects a wide range of individuals from young to old, and often affect those who suffer from multiple sclerosis. The difficulties of self-catheterization can lead to a myriad of complications ranging from infection due to improper hygiene to embarrassment, frustration, and anxiety brought on from bulky, non-user friendly designs.

Developed at Stanford together with a team of urologists and catheter users, CompactCath always puts the users’ needs first. In addition to the company providing users with free starter packs containing samples and educational materials, users can take advantage of a dedicated patient support line available for users via text, phone and email, as well as a prescription assistance program where the company will help users get their monthly supply of catheters reimbursed by Medicaid, Medicare and/or most private insurers.

CompactCath offers a new, FDA cleared, pre-lubricated intermittent self-catheter that is 100% non-touch. The company’s product of the same name is a super hygienic alternative to traditional methods. CompactCath also lives by its name as its compact, pocket-sized design allows for easy transport and discretion so catheter users can regain confidence and feel empowered to live their best lives.

A closer look into the catheter features:

● Discreet - The only 16” catheter that fits in the palm of your hand, and seamlessly into your life.
● Hygienic - 100% no touch! Unlike traditional catheters, you never have to touch the catheter during insertion, reducing your risk of urinary tract infections.
o The catheter is also contained within a small circular case, unlike traditional 16” catheters, which eliminates the risk of contamination from contact with surrounding objects during insertion
● Pre-lubricated – CompactCath is pre-lubricated with silicone oil, providing a lubricious non-sticky, no-drip coating. Less friction means less pain and discomfort during catheterization
● Fire-polished eyelets - Offers less pain and discomfort during catheterization minimizing micro-abrasions, which in the long term can lead to a buildup of scar tissue
● Push, Aim, Drain – Only CompactCath offers a technology where you get to drain when and where YOU are ready to void.

Dave Bexfield
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