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Default Multiple sclerosis changes our personality over time

How important is brain health in multiple sclerosis? If you want to preserve your personality, it is critical to slow cognitive decline. And research has shown, aerobic exercise does just that. Join me in staying fit, so you can still be you. - D

Mult Scler. 2018 Jan 1:1352458517753720. doi: 10.1177/1352458517753720. [Epub ahead of print]

Longitudinal personality change associated with cognitive decline in multiple sclerosis.

Roy S1, Drake A1, Fuchs T2, Dwyer MG3, Zivadinov R3, Chapman BP4, Weinstock-Guttman B1, Benedict RH1.


We previously reported that personality and cognition were stable over 3 years in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). This study examined whether a longer duration would reveal evidence of emerging personality dysfunction.

The NEO Five-Factor Inventory and Brief International Cognitive Assessment for MS was used to assess personality and cognition, respectively. Patients were classified as "Cog Stable" or "Cog Decline" based on cognitive deterioration over 5 years.

Extraversion and Conscientiousness declined across pooled groups. Follow-up of a group by time interaction found that decline in these traits was more evident in the Cog Decline group, demonstrating a link between personality and cognitive change.

Dave Bexfield
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