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Old 05-26-2020, 12:36 PM
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Default Toting a wheelchair with a trike

I've done a touch of research on this topic since I'd like to get off my trike and grab a little lunch, use the bathroom, or hit a pub for pint. But I need my wheelchair for such sporting events. Fortunately there are some options, and with electric assist in my future, lugging a wheelchair is not as much of an issue.

1) A bike trailer. There are many types. This might be the easiest solution and you just transport the chair behind you on a 1 or 2 wheel trailer.

2) A wheelchair trailer. This version has the wheelchair rolling behind you. But that puts more wear and tear on your primary ride.

3) Wheelchair Buddies. This simple system plugs into the area where your wheelchair's anti-tippers reside. This works only with delta trikes and the back wheels need to be wide enough for the wheelchair. The wheels are bungeed on top.

4) Custom solutions. This one bike from ReActive Adaptations has a trick ramp system, but again it only works for delta trikes. The back wheels need to be even wider to accommodate both the wheelchair and wheels.
Dave Bexfield
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