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Default Social media and it's increasing role in MS

I am friends with Jeri, one of the authors (she has MS). "It is evident that social media provides an invaluable channel of communication and interaction for people with disabilities [26] and has the potential to relieve social isolation and improve quality of life by connecting patients to the wider world."

Glad you all are part of the ActiveMSers team of optimistic misfits. - D


Neurology and Therapy

Perspectives from the Patient and the Healthcare Professional in Multiple Sclerosis: Social Media and Participatory Medicine

Daniel Kantor, Jeremy R. Bright, Jeri Burtchell

First Online: 08 December 2017

When faced with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), patients often turn to the Internet and social media to find support groups, read about the experiences of other people affected by MS and seek their advice, and research their condition and treatment options to discuss with their healthcare professionals (HCPs). Here, we examine the use of social media and the Internet among patients with MS, considering its impact on patient empowerment and patient participation in treatment decision-making and MS research.

These themes are exemplified with first-hand experiences of the patient author. We also explore the impact of the Internet and social media on the management of patients from the perspective of HCPs, including new opportunities for HCPs to engage in participatory medicine and to improve communication with and among patients. We consider both the benefits afforded to and the potential pitfalls faced by HCPs when interacting with their patients via these routes, and discuss potential concerns around privacy and confidentiality in the use of the Internet and social media in the clinical context.

Communication online is driving the evolution of the patient–HCP relationship, and is empowering patients to participate more actively in the decision-making process relating to the provision of their health care.

Dave Bexfield
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