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Old 07-18-2012, 09:00 AM
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I didn't really think of myself as having a "story" ... silly me. Here is what I sent to Kelly.

The Mystery

Call it mid-life crisis that drew me at age 45 into running. Running was a no-brainer for me. I seemed pre-loaded with the mechanics and endurance needed for distance running. In 1999 I ran my first of many “fun-runs” with my friend Patty and worked my way up to marathon distance. Five years later triathlon caught hold of me.

I had to learn to swim. I was one of those pour souls you see gasping and flailing, doing their “laps” across the width of the pool. With my head out of the water, wide-eyed and fixed on my destination I pretty much stayed in the shallow end. Put me in the pool any deeper than the 5ft marker and I would not venture more than arms length from the edge. Well boys and girls, to do triathlon you have to swim away from the edge, in open water, where you probably can’t see bottom and your feet won’t touch! I still remember the afternoon I first swam for real, in a training tank in my swim coaches’ backyard. Finally the breathing, arm stroke and kick all came together and a new synchrony of motion became a part of me.

I found an awesome tri training group in Roseville, Ca where I learned to bike and swim. I did my first open water swim across chilly Lake Natoma, accompanied and encouraged through a lot of apprehension, by several of my fellow trainees. Swimming across the lake (and back) that day I realized I could overcome fear with perseverance, hope and the support of people who wanted me to succeed. Little did any of us know that even then MS was my other, then silent, training partner.

The mystery began to seep into the picture with strange tingling sensations and muscle spasms. Random episodes of vertigo and fatigue had me pouring over my training log and checking my caloric intake. Maybe more potassium or an extra rest day was in order. Sometimes I felt off balance on the bike. My arms and legs just seemed to weaken for no reason. I compared myself to other women with similar build, muscle tone and apparent strength. I just couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Now, two years after diagnosis I can look back and think, “Oh, ok, that’s what was happening.” My neurologist believes I had been “managing” my MS by staying active. I agree and I will continue to pursue an active lifestyle while I learn to accept and work with the needs and limitations I encounter with MS. I am very grateful for the people who support and encourage me. Where there is hope there is all manner of possibility.
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Old 07-25-2012, 03:50 PM
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Thanks, Dave. Looking forward to meeting you at the MS ride next month, I'll definitely look for you to say hi. My blog is
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