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Old 07-22-2019, 02:13 PM
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Default Rukka active cooling vest releasing in July for $1200

This is a super pricey vest, but it is intriguing. And might help MSers. It is basically a portable swamp cooler and it's designed primarily for motorcycle riders. While it has a heating and cooling feature, only cooling is available w/o the assistance of the motorcycle's battery through a lith-ion portable battery. Cooling with that lasts about two hours.

Rukka claims 7 liters of cooling air can be drawn into the vest per second, which is then delivered via small holes in the garment’s lining to circulate at 5 meters per second. So it's a big fan circulating cool air... but not cold. It would presumably work great in dry climates, but I question its effectiveness in humid areas.

M-Clima has conducted testing that shows the cooling function can lower skin temperatures by up to 7°C in riders riding hard in events like off-road enduros and reduce them by 3°C in normal use.

Cutting perspiration makes for a more comfortable environment, and M-Clima tests suggests riders in competition could benefit from a reduction in heart rate of around 10bpm, which would give them an advantage in events.
Overall, intriguing, but unless you own a motorcycle, there are other, more affordable options out there, IMO.

Dave Bexfield
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