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Old 02-06-2019, 06:10 PM
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Its been awhile since I updated and I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Your happiness is palpable, Veronica .

As for me - recovery for my right hip scope has been, interesting. I'm working with my PT to resolve my gait and compensation issues.

Things on the bike are going better then walking however. I am on 3-4 times a week for 45 min - 1 hour at a time at the an FTP 20 off from what I maintained pre-surgery. I'm side on the trainer as I hate the cold and thats what we are getting here. I am sure the hills will slow me once I do get out but I am making good progress so I really hope I will be able to do what I used too. I decided instead of my usual 4 century rides I was going to focus on 2, BikeMS, and a late season ride that is very flat.

My PT is rather stumped with my gait issue as well. Yesterday at my appointment she gathered all the other PTs and owner and presented my case to them. They each did a million tests. The owner of the place used the time (2 hours!!!!) to teach the therapist who have never had a patient with MS. It was really interesting and me and my PT have several new theories to go after. So I will keep at it. For now I'm walking 1-2 days for 30 minutes. This generally caused various pain. Resolving that is my biggest goal for this year. I feel like if I can't fix it now - this will be my new normal and I really don't want that. This is not what is going to take my mobility.
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Old 02-11-2019, 03:15 PM
MS Yoda
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The cold and frequent snow storms got to me so I took off for Tucson two weeks ago. However, all I managed to accomplish was one 40 mile bike ride! When it started raining there and didn't stop for a couple of days, I packed up and went back home.

On the bright side, I had the opportunity to enjoy Dave and Laura Bexfields unparalleled company and hospitality, both coming and going! Thank you Dave and Laura. It certainly served to reinforce my opinion of how fortunate we are as MSers to have you guys around. Next time we'll get that bike ride in! Long Live the ActiveMSers!

I came back to more snow and below zero temperatures so I've been in the gym for the past week but I have managed to figure out a schedule! It goes like this:
Monday Wednesday and Friday's are cardiovascular days, riding, elliptical or even just walking, at least one of which will be high intensity.
Sunday's and Thursday's are weight training days.
While every day is a stretching day, Saturday's and Tuesday's will be dedicated to it, and light core oriented calisthenics.

What's with all the hip problems? I certainly hope that gets worked out for you guys.

Here's hoping it gets warm enough to ride soon,

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Old Yesterday, 01:10 PM
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Loved spending time with Larry. Good to be able to call him a friend. The best part might have been the first morning when we were sitting down to enjoy coffee when Larry said he enjoyed any type of coffee... except Indonesian.* "That stuff is crap. This is tasty--what is it?"

Laura: "Indonesian."


*Larry lived in Indonesia for many years and likely drank their "crap" second-tier coffee, while they shipped out the good stuff.

Been able to get out on the bike some, but the weather has been iffy. Got pretty chilly on my ride yesterday--only 45 degrees. But the big news: my Planet Fitness added both an upper-body ergometer (arm spinny thing) and a seated arm/leg cardio machine with foot straps to lock you in! I'll be writing corporate to add these to all locations. A good way to get cardio when weather is sketch.
Dave Bexfield
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