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SWEDEN: Vintersol neurological rehabilitation center

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  • SWEDEN: Vintersol neurological rehabilitation center

    I've got a good friend who is going for a 30-day rehab session. Looks pretty amazing. They've been doing this since the mid 1960s.

    A rehabilitation period usually lasts four weeks. The rehabilitation program involves exercises using different instruments, individual physiotherapy and group activities of different difficulty levels: long cushion, standing, seated and in swimming pool. If needed, we include occupational therapy, individually and in group, as well as support from a social assistant.

    Depending on the pathology and the patient other professionals may be involved (Neurologists, neurophysiologists, psychologists or speech therapists).

    A very important part in the rehabilitation process is to achieve that family members offer appropriate collaboration and that new ideas, visions are shared with other patients is the same situation.
    Dave Bexfield