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How does one fill up an iPod for a 3-week hospital stay?

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  • How does one fill up an iPod for a 3-week hospital stay?

    Well, I started with this one album from Angels & Airwaves, one of my fave bands and headed by Blink 182's lead singer.

    It was released last month and I only just discovered it existed today. It's not on iTunes or Amazon. The band just wanted to release the new album Love their way. Totally free, donations optional. Check it out, over 500,000 have downloaded it already.

    Now I just need to pick another few thousand songs....
    Dave Bexfield

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    How about a few Dave Ramsey podcasts? His financial advice is common sense in my opinion. But when you hear it from someone it actually sinks in!
    Whatever does not begin with God will end in failure.


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      I would also suggest podcasts. When I was recently training to walk a half marathon, the podcasts really saw me through the long miles. When I was in pain (because I'm a newbie), the songs seemed too choppy when I was training for hours. The podcasts really worked. I listened to Dave Ramsey, and some movie review podcasts. I-tunes has loads of free podcasts to download.

      If you have the capability, I also download movies and Southpark episodes to my ipod - that was pretty sweet. Everyone would wonder what I was laughing about as we pounded out the miles.



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        I am a huge fan of Podcasts and Pandora

        Try something like The Kojo Nnamdi Show: Tech Tuesday Podcast

        I have this and Diane Rehms on my Blackberry and it works well when all you really want is to tune out your surroundings.

        Also for an automotive themed laugh try my favorite answer guys.


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          Oddly, I never used my iPod the entire time. I listened to songs on my Shuffle when exercising, but other than that was rarely connected to music. Strangely, just no time, even though I was trapped on a single small floor for three weeks.

          The songs I played a lot for motivation included...

          Believe by Yellowcard

          Keep Hope Alive by The Crystal Method

          Brand New Day by Joshua Radin

          Stronger by Kanye West

          I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas

          Dave Bexfield