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A little nervous, a little excited with 6-month testing

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  • A little nervous, a little excited with 6-month testing

    I head to Houston at the end of the month for the official 6-month follow-up for the HALT-MS clinical trial. I'll admit I am juggling some different emotions. I know I feel better than my baseline measured pre transplant—there is no question about that. But that certainly doesn't mean the transplant worked. It could just be natural relapse recovery. That's why the upcoming brain MRI is giving me butterflies—there should not be any enhancing lesions.

    I'm not as worried about the other tests. I'm confident I'll do better in the PASAT (oral math), peg test (timed), and walking tests (for both distance and speed). How much better is the question, and will the results hold?

    Hey, I'm an optimist—glass half-full, always-sunny-out kinda guy. So I say yes to good results all around. Let's not worry about clouds in the distance! Heck, that weather pattern should pass miles to the north (sorry, Santa Fe, ha).
    Dave Bexfield

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    Oh how I hate the PASAT! But I'm sure you'll get great results on the MRI! You looked great when I saw you, and I'm sure Laura can attest that you are doing much better than before the transplant. And if your symptoms are like mine they don't go away during remission, just get worse during relapses.
    Fingers crossed for you even though I know you won't need it!