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Tricks of the PT trade really do work

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  • Tricks of the PT trade really do work

    My PT sis Karen was working with me on my walking the other day and I was doing what I usually do: walk great with aids and then turn into a zombie with no support. So she picked up a 5-lb rock from a neighbor's yard (OMG, their landscaping!) and gave it to me. "Carry it," she said. I was so worried about dropping it and having it chip that I forgot I was walking without any assistance... and for once I didn't look like a star in The Walking Dead TV show on AMC. Sneaky sister! Gotta keep it up to retrain both the legs and the brain.
    Dave Bexfield

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    That's funny, my mom says when I was first learning to walk I would hold on to a cookie, doll etc in each hand and could walk great, the moment I let go of those things I would fall haha! I guess it works when you're older and relearning to walk! I should try it since I'm trying to relearn too