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    I've found the results of your autologous transplant incredibly stimulating and of course, am thrilled with your improvement. Are you aware of any professional publications from clinics or neurological journals that have presented results from these procedures? I've been crusing around the web on my own but thought I might save a few weeks of work by going to a more personally involved source.

    I wonder too, if any of the clinics that are conducting these studies are keeping track of post procedural events that may influence the recovery from the effects of the MS, like your own attention to exercise.

    Apologies if you've listed some sources somewhere already, (bad eyes, short attention span, old age, etc., etc., and just lazy)


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    There are early results of my study in this forum (on Page 2), but to get a whole lot more, go to George Goss's blog:

    He's not shy about saying what he thinks the treatment did for his SPMS (he uses the "c" word a LOT). And he has done gobs of research with links to lots of studies, especially in the post above. It'll chew up a weekend following all his links.

    Keep in mind, fewer than 500 people with MS worldwide have undergone this procedure or one similar to it, so the data is still evolving.
    Dave Bexfield


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      Perfect, thanks Dave,