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First time to my local gym in 20 months!

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  • First time to my local gym in 20 months!

    Last night I went to my local gym for the first time since November 2009. I've worked out in hotel exercise facilities, but not a true gym since my MS really went south. And boy did it feel good.

    It was a leg day, so I had to put aside pride and haul out the walker. When I press hard, my legs get close to failure and I needed the extra support because my twigs were going to get punked.

    I started with 10 minutes of standing cardio (skate machine and elliptical) before doing 20 minutes of the arm-spinny thingy. The next 45 minutes I focused on legs: calves, inner/outer thigh, quads, hams, the works. The last 15 minutes were spent stretching.

    With all my home workouts, my strength was surprisingly way up there and I had to add far more weight to my routine than I expected. My strength levels were easily at Summer 2009 or earlier. Hosed legs and all, I celebrated by downing a couple pints at my local brewpub. Mmmm. (Laura drove.)
    Dave Bexfield