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Week at Mom and Dad's home both taxing and encouraging

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  • Week at Mom and Dad's home both taxing and encouraging

    So for the past 8 days I've been cleaning out the home of my parents with my two sisters, working essentially nonstop from 9 am to 8 pm every day. My parents aren't hoarders, but they are pack rats, and it was time to help them clean up, as they are in their late 60s and have talked about moving from their three-level home for years.

    To tackle the hardest jobs, I had to trudge down the stairs into the basement numerous times. And climb the stairs into the attic almost as many times. And dodge miscellaneous piles of stuff EVERYWHERE. Using my grandma's old walker was a nonstarter because a) it's like 200 lbs, and b) I could only go a few feet before hitting an obstacle. Wall walking and a single forearm crutch got me around.

    I survived (but caught my Mom's cold--she's nicknamed Typhoid Judy for a reason) and discovered I can do pretty well with virtually no aids--even making a big breakfast burrito breakfast for 5 complete with New Mexico green chile. Now I'm recovering. Whew!
    Dave Bexfield