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Staying cool in a wheelchair

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  • Staying cool in a wheelchair

    Aloha, active MSers! We're going on vacation in a few weeks and it's going to be hot, which means I won't be walking much (leg and foot spasms). I plan to rent a transport chair (I only need this level of support on vacation, so haven't invested in anything long-term yet). My question-how do you keep cool in a wheelchair? Any tips or tricks? I have stuff to help cool my body (cooling vest, cooling towels, etc) but is there anything wheelchair specific I should get? Is there a good cooling seat pad anyone would recommend? Or maybe there's a different wheelchair rental option I should look at. Love all input, mahalo!

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    Emily! Here is my section on overheating with MS and my fave hacks:

    Other cooling gear. There are other convenient ways to chill your body in addition to cooling vests. Wrap Me Cool makes sheer cooling wraps that refresh. Another little joy is one we discovered from Glacier Tek: the Glacier Pad. It keeps the tush cool for a couple hours and is surprisingly comfy.
    Unfortunately Wrap Me Cool has shuttered. But I'd highly recommend the Glacier Pad. I haven't tested this particular version, but if it works as well as the other, I think it is what you are looking for.
    Dave Bexfield


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      Excellent, thanks for the info!