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New cooling gear, the "cool bag"

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  • New cooling gear, the "cool bag"

    Received this, so passing along. Clearly still early in development, but you never know. Might help with MS (or Lyme disease) heat sensitivity. -Dave

    This is Emma.Here I would introduce this wearable cooling device, aiming to protect people from Heat-stroke from whole day work.
    As the climate getting hotter, extreme heat leads to massive disease or even death all over the world. I bet you have seen such bad news during last summer.
    The cool bag, with DC 24V battery,has whole HVAC components in it and can run like a liquid-chiller.
    We are proud to claim this product is developed by our team independently and now looking for partners globally.
    The attachment is the detail introduction of the cool bag.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

    Looking forward to your idea.

    BOYARD Products Showroom on Aliba
    if you have any complaint or advice , please send email to
    Dave Bexfield