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  • Handheld Toys?

    Not THAT kind, you perv!

    I was thinking that it would be really helpful to get some sort of handheld device - Crackberry, Palm, whatever is out there these days. Not only is cog-fog always a feature so notes, dictionary, thesaurus, whatever I'd need would be right there, but I was thinking that being able to run a symptom tracker on a handheld would mean I'd actually use it. Notebooks get left around and are clunky, I'm only on the web at work, and I rarely use my laptop so an offline program isn't great.

    Anyone else use one? Anyone know of any assistance programs that would cover something like this?

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    Hey Slugger, I asked my boyfriend since he is a tech nerd if anything would work for your purposes and he suggested the Itouch which is like the Iphone without the phone part. He's pretty sure but not certain that you can get apps that will do symptom tracking from Apple.


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      Krista, thanks for asking! Maybe Santa is interested in doing a deal with Apple this year...