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Cooling vest rocked in Galapagos

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  • Cooling vest rocked in Galapagos

    I found the arctic heat cooling vest on this website and bought one for my recent trip to the Galapagos. It rocked. The temp was about 90 with incredible humidity. I wore the vest over light weight top and under an SPF tissue weight hoody. I'm a photographer and was carrying two cameras during most of the trip. I would chill my vest in the "beer cooler" on the ship and then grab it on my way to one of the islands. I would still sweat at times but I never felt too hot. I was diagnosed with MS in 2001. There have been times for walking sticks and canes but I have been on a good roll since October last year. But the vest was an added comfort that was worth the money.

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    Sta-Cool Vest

    I ordered a StaCool vest this past April for planning for a trip to Cozumel in June. It worked out great! My friends were begging me to wear my vest while walking around the marketplace. I also went deep-sea fishing with it on and never got hot at all - despite catching 2 10' tunas and reeling it in over 300'!! I'd recommend this one as long as you don't mind looking like terminator woman!!


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      Arctic Heat Cooling Vest

      This vest is awesome, i wear it daily to hike or train my dogs in these 95plus temps in NC.

      The vest stays cold for 2 hrs, and i think it looks kinda stylish.

      I also bought the neck wrap, and have used that on several occasions when the temps are only in the mid 80's.

      Thanks for the review Dave, it was very helpful.



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        My new vest has mildew - HELP PLEASE

        New to this site! Received my new vest and my husband put it in its plastic bag not realizing it wasn't completely dry, and it got mildew! He is crushed!! Any ideas about removing? Thanks! I am in Florida and the temps are in the 90's!


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          I forwarded on your issue to ArcticHeatUSA and Dean wrote me back with this information....

          Mildew can be difficult to remove. The vest is like any other item of clothing. So it can be washed with a gentle wool mix. Do not use bleach. Bleach will destroy the sportwool fibres. No bleach. Other gentle detergents will be fine. Dont let it soak too long when washing, or it will over inflate. - Dean

          If Dean's suggestions don't work, ArcticHeatUSA will be offering a 25% discount for the month of May to our newsletter readers. I'll have a new newsletter released in the coming week. You can sign up by e-mailing me at or on our home page at
          Dave Bexfield


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            Mildew on my vest

            You rock Dave! How kind of you to check that out for me! I will try the suggestion, and I read a couple of things on the web that might help and are bleachless. I did the get the email from ArticHeat about the discount, so we will figure it out. Lessons are always learned the hard way, huh, and I guess it pays to read instructions. Many thanks. The cool thing is that I found this website.