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    Hey y'all! I recently had an MRI and according to my NP (and this is a direct quote) "It sucked!". I met with the neurosurgeon and he wants to try some PT before cutting - and I agree. Anyhows, I have a degenerated disc in my L5/S1 with slight protrusion - Anybody else dealt with anything like that?

    I meet with the physical therapist for the 1st time on Wed... anything specific I should ask? If this doesn't work, they want to cut me open and shave the vertebrate down to make room for my nerve ending & discs... They say this isn't MS related, but it's influencing my MS and can make a big difference in my activity level..

    Any thoughts/shared info would be much appreciated!!!

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    I'll ask my PT sis and see if she can post an answer here. She's pretty bright about that stuff. I personally don't have any experience.
    Dave Bexfield


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      Hi - My bro forwarded your request on to me - as a PT I like my clients to be excellent historians - think about your symptoms - how do they effect your function - detail what your pain feels like - where it is localized or refers to - how severe 0 to 10 - what makes it worse and what makes it better - be concise and informative - subjective information is very important - if you have the MRI report bring it - make sure to discuss the plan of care. Things that may be discussed are exercise - manual treatment - modalities - and traction - it is hard to give advise on the appropriate course of action without meeting you. Additionally they should assess the sacrum and pelvis as well as your general alignment because of the location (L5-S1 - 5th lumbar and sacrum). Remember PT is not an overnight cure - it is a process - always communicate with the PT if anything aggrevates your symptoms or your MS. Good luck - if you need anything thing else just let Dave know and he'll pass it along. Karen


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        mucho thanks!

        Thanks for the advice! I've been through 2 official sessions and am doing my exercises at home. My PT asked all those questions and a few more and was very thorough in my initial assessment. She reminded me I could have a very successful PT and still need the surgery - but would be in better shape for the after-PT as well. I'll be doing back-flips before I know it... or at least comfortably dreaming about them!! LOL