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Scientific American magazine examines new treatments for MS

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  • Scientific American magazine examines new treatments for MS

    This is a fascinating article written by an MS specialist who is well regarded.

    ... a stream of new treatments have brightened the prospects for patients' quality of life. Based on taming a damaging immune response, these therapies reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms and may slow the progression of the disease. During the past 19 years the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved nine new medications, and two more are up for review in the next few months.

    Still, the cause of MS remains unknown, and eventually most patients will progress to an advanced phase of the disorder that remains unresponsive to medicine's best therapies. As research into more effective immune-altering remedies continues, many scientists are turning their attention to understanding what causes the progressive degeneration of neurons that lies at the heart of MS, with the goal of developing treatments that can completely halt or even prevent the disease.
    Bowen is also the lead author on a stem cell transplant study (researching mostly significantly disabled SPMS patients, not the best candidates for the procedure), the abstract of which you can find here:
    Dave Bexfield